Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tongseng Kambing Sor Talok

I was trying to find Mie Mbah Mo.. unfortunately my Garmin GPS could not find the satellites (or perhaps the satellites could not find the Garmin.. :)  So I used Google Map from Blackberry which gave me a rough idea where I was, in a range of 1600meters. Asked two persons but didn't help much.

Then in one of small road that still has rice paddies, I saw a Mercy and two cars in front of a small warung. That must be Mbah Mo. I was really hoping, but it was not. It is a Warung Tongseng Kambing Sor Talok.

Those guys who drove Mercy knows where to find good food.. This Tongseng is original, huge portion, the meat was tender and the curry is so delicious. Considering the real lamb that they used, I thought at the minimum this will cost me rp 25,000..

Price was only rp 15,000, including a big bowl of rice and salad. Hot tea was Rp 1,000.

They do not have bottled water or soft drink, which I think they really should..

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